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Please, take a look around! See what you like, and like what you see.

*This statement is only applicable to visitors whose dreams include: photographs of sunsets, artwork made out of construction paper, other artwork made out of Sharpie ink, and catchy little electronic tunes.


  • A new old song to download!

    A song I wrote a few years ago called Quiet Morning has finally been recorded.

    Why don’t you head on over to the music page and download, eh? Just for a lark!

  • Today's picture

    Make a note of this! This is going to be a Big Deal.

    If you can’t make it to this one, we’ll be playing sometime shortly after with Jason Webley (hopefully). Or make it to both! Your boat will be rocked all the way to the docks.

  • Today's picture


  • Today's picture

    “The angry narwhal thirsts for more blood”

    A birthday gift for Avery Burke.

  • Today's picture

    “A Silent Prayer for Simple Times”

  • Kickstarter, wooooo!

    Look at that! After just a few days, we’re already 62% funded.

    Keep being awesome, folks. You are amazing.

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